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Gaming, Web, App and Computing Diploma

Progress to higher education in computer science or prepare for IT-related careers such as IT support, web design, graphical animation and systems analysis. The Diploma will prepare you for careers in the specialist IT world, or for moving on to higher education studies: it is worth the same as 3 A level and Distinctions in all areas is equal to AAA at A Level and attracts the same UCAS points.


You will learn a mixture of business, technical, interpersonal and project skills needed in modern IT and telecommunications roles.  The course is flexible and buitl around various modules which allows students to  follow and offer flexible qualifications, allowing us to offer distinct pathways including “Networking and System Support” for those that want to become network administrators and technicians and Software Development for those that chose to go either the route of web design/development or any job in software development.  


Core units include:


  • communication and employability skills for IT

  • computer systems

  • information systems

  • networking and systems support

  • managing networks

  • computer networks

  • communications technologies

  • IT technical support

  • IT systems troubleshooting and repair


Software development:


  • software design and development inc. gaming and app design

  • systems analysis and design

  • event driven programming


Complemented by:


  • website production

  • client side customisation of web pages


Work Placements and Experiences


The Computing Diploma, has strong links to industry, reflected through guest speakers and outside clients. The course team invites industry practitioners for master classes and there is a strong element of online learning. Your independence will grow in line with your subject knowledge and technical skills.


As part of your programme, you will also have to do work experience with our IT partners and this will include the opportunity of  working with the school's  external IT consultants and network managers at LCS. All students are expected to work a minimum of 4 days a week on their course but this will be split during the year into blocks of time on work placements OR on regular day/s release.   Students should therefore anticipate a blended approach with some time in College; some time in the work place and time working online/independently.


How I'll be assessed


  • Formal assessment is set at regular intervals throughout the course and includes:

  • assignments - testing your theory knowledge

  • live brief projects - for instance, some students make websites/apps for real clients

  • presentations - to panels of experts and your peers

  • practical assessments - of your own work


The Computing Diploma is assessed through coursework, there is no exam element for this programme but additional qualifications in areas such as English or maths are assessed by an external exam.


Networking may also have an element delivered through online Cisco units. Individual learning targets are set and reviewed each term with your tutor and you receive regular feedback on your progress in meeting these targets. Students can also access the online CompTIA industry stanard CPD modules.



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